The school aims at providing an integral view of actual methods and cutting-edge knowledge on nearshore data hydrodynamic processing through thematic lectures, and hands-on practices led by specialized experts.

The WAWA Summer School focuses on two topics intimately combined:

Learning good practices for the monitoring of nearshore hydrodynamics through the deployment of instruments at sea;
Learning how to process nearshore hydrodynamic data from in-situ measurements and how to analyze them efficiently to characterize and quantify nearshore dynamics.

The summer school offers also the opportunity to:

manipulate a wide set of instruments specialized for the nearshore zone (ADCP, ADV, wave gages,…);
test them in the nearshore;
manipulate and analyze typical datasets acquired during the summer school or coming from GLADYS research & engineering deployments.

1st International MUSE Summer School on Nearshore and coastal hydrodynamics: in-situ deployment & data analysis.