Get in touch with the people of GLADYS

How to get in touch?

To contact the GLADYS leaders and to address issues relative to administration, please use .

To get in touch with the whole group, please use :

  • Official members:
    The official french members strictly. This is the official contact list. Use it preferentially (permanent fellows and post-docs)
  • fieldwork team:
    The members involved in the in-situ measurements, the field works.
  • Mathematicians and physicists:
    The members involved in the development of numerical tools, mathematics and theoretical physics in relation with beach dynamics.
  • Extreme members:
    The members involved in the analysis of extremes and especially littoral probabilities and statistics.
  • Members:
    All the permanent members involved in GLADYS activities, in France and foreign countries.
  • PhD Students:
    The PhD students supervised by a member of GLADYS.
  • Everyone:
    The union of all the aliases above. Use this address if you want to touch absolutely every one.

If you find something wrong, please email us at .

You can also use the contact form for general purposes. Notice that some specialized groups (mathphy, extremes, fieldwork) may embed researchers that are not official members of GLADYS (their choice), but collaborate actively with the GLADYS Team.

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